Black-eared Kite (Milvus migrans lineatus)

Black-eared Kites are proposed species split of the Black Kites, which are permanent residents in Indian Sub-continent. These Black-eared Kites, which can be seen mainly in winters, have prominent broad white patch under their wings which is variable in Black Kites. This whistling raptor can be seen circling in skies of cities, town and general human habitats looking for small prey.

Black-eared Kites share a very distinct identifier with Black Kites – their forked tail, which can easily distinguish them from eagles, hawks and vultures when soaring high. Have a look at other birds sighted in this checklist.

Common Name: Black-eared Kite                                              Scientific Name: Milvus migrans lineatus

Local Names: Assamese:                                                                Size: 57-67 cms, wingspan of 130-150 cms

Global Status: Least Threatened

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. Rufous body

2. Wings with black edges, looking arched while in flight

3. Beak with base in yellow and ending with black

4. Prominent and large white wing patch (from Black Kites)

5. Forked tail

Some pictures to help you in identification!

A Black eared Kite

A Black eared Kite displaying its wing patch

A Black-eared Kite in flight

A Black-eared Kite in flight

A Black-eared Kite sitting on a branch

A Black-eared Kite sitting on a branch