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Birdwatchers of IITG

India is home to 1301 bird species out of around 10,000 bird species in the world and of these 850 are found in North-Eastern region of India. Many of these  can be spotted in and  around IIT Guwahati. So we have set out on a mission to document these winged wonders of nature and showcase them to the community with regular updates of project in progress and a final output in the form of a documentary film and a collection of photos. For details on birds spotted till date, visit this Checklist of Birds of IIT Guwahati and do not forget to have a look at these great pictures of birds in our campus.


To document the bird species in the form of film and photography. To bring awareness and promote conservation of birds.


Anyone will feel immensely lucky to be in the beautiful campus of Indian institute of Technology Guwahati. Located in the Gateway to Northeast India – Guwahati, IITG boasts of a very diverse wildlife. Being situated at the footsteps of Indo-Malayan Megabiodiversity hotspot, we can pride ourselves for always being in nature’s lap.

Red-vented Bulbul

Red-vented Bulbul

 The picturesque landscape includes hillocks, lakes, marshes and forests with mighty Brahmaputra flowing just a few hundred feet away. With such varied terrain, one can find all kinds of flora and fauna within the campus both indigenous and introduced as well as migratory species.

 In the dense canopies of Gulmohor, banyan, peepal, seesam, ber, bel and oak trees a large number of birds reside and enchant the local fraternity with their songs. There is such an astounding variety of birds found here that one can see birds ranging from tiny Munias to huge Storks. While Bulbuls, Mynas, Wagtails and Sparrows are seen everywhere on Lantana and other plants, Tits, Shrikes, Stonechats and Barbets make sure their presence is felt!

 Winter marks the arrival of hundreds of birds from faraway lands of Europe, Central Asia and Siberia to spend their vacations at the campus lakes – Serpentine, IITG and the one in front of Hospital. Cormorants, Whistling ducks, Pochards, Teals and Pygmy ducks come in large numbers being highly gregarious and enjoy the Indian winter cackling, diving and dabbling.

 While the lakes are home to those waterfowl, the shallow and weedy Ghorajan River is the feeding ground for many others like Waterhens, Openbills, Lapwings, small groups of Little, Black-crowned Night, Indian, Purple and Grey Herons, Yellow, Cinnamon Bitterns and many Ergets!

Cattle Egrets flying

Cattle Egrets flight

The skies are under constant patrol of Eagles, Kites, Adjutants, Shikras and are joined by Osprey, Eurasian Marsh Harrier and Common Kestrel in the winter. Even as the soulful renditions of male Koels and Magpie Robins send the listeners into a tranquil state, the sights of a Baya Weaver at work, Taylor birds, Orioles, Oriental White-eyes and Sunbirds are a visual treat for keen eyes in dense trees.  For avid bird watchers, numerous species of Fly-catchers, Pipits and Warblers throw them exciting challenges to identify them.

 Amidst all the busy schedules in our daily lives, IITG offers us a great respite by giving us a chance to just admire and enjoy the beauty of nature’s creations from the very windows of our room. Over the past four years, a total of 125 bird species across 43 families have been recorded in the sprawling 700 acres of IIT Guwahati and perhaps it won’t be an exaggeration if we call it a Birds and Birder’s Paradise.

 With these experiences in our hearts and flashes of beautiful birds flying in our minds we would like to give them a shape in reality.  We want to capture the beauty with the help of digital technology in our hands and present it to you and everyone else. We want to show the world how majestic, this beautiful paradise is.

Necessity of the Project:

  • Need for documentation of birds in IIT Guwahati
  • To bring awareness about the birds and some endangered species
  • To bring awareness about the need for birds conservation


This is a short pilot video of the project! Enjoy.

  • Visual documentation of birds in the campus
  • Awareness among the local community about the beautiful birds in IIT Guwahati
  • Established platform for future work

Money Matters:

Capturing this natural beauty in the form of a documentary film and photography is our dream and to make it a reality we need the art supported by technology. The artists in our team are dedicated to give a life to the project. All we need is the technology to support the artists. To get the technology into our hands we need the following equipment.


Telescopic lenses

Rs 82, 440


Rs. 82, 440


Future Work:

Our future goal is to explore the birds of the North-East India and document them.

Transparency and Integrity:

Follow the work more closely right from your Facebook at Birds.IITG. Every contribution made by the donors will be updated over the project site with the donors name and the contribute amount. Details of each penny spent during the production will be displayed over the site.

Join us:

We are looking for interested people to join us. There is no specific area is looking for. Be it photography or  film making, writing or narrating, resource allocation or social marketing . Any association is appreciated. If you are passionate in any field and you think that you can add something to the project, just drop a message to us.

Contact us:

Email  : [email protected]
Phone : +91-9957887945

“Every journey starts with a single step and the first step will be from home.

IIT Guwahati has been our home and our journey begins here”

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