Well, here you are! These are the most Frequently Asked Questions (or atleast what I imagine people should ask me ;) ) on my blog or directly to me.

Q. Wow! Beautiful blog!! But it looks more like a website to me.. What is it?
A. Thank you! Yes,this is a blog that looks more like a website. So.. all I can say is “It is what you think it is”.

Q. Awesome pics! Did you capture all of them?
A. Thanks once again. Yeah, all the photographs in this blog are my own clicks unless otherwise mentioned.

Q. I too live there! How come I never saw one of these before!?
A. Glad that you too live in this beautiful campus! Your eyes might have seen them, if not you! Ask them to show you the next time.. :P

Q. What is the camera model? Which company etc?!
A. It’s a Canon EOS 1100D, also known as Canon EOS Rebel T3. Thank you Viswajeet for your beautiful cam!

Q. Can I ask you a question?
A. Yeah. You are always welcome to ask any question that you have. If it is general ask here itself, for others you can find me here.

Keep visiting! :)

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  1. Nice presentation of a blog. It is in such a way to feel a website.. Good job..Excellent…

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