Eurasian Coot ( Fulica atra)

Eurasian Coot is one of the most spread waterfowl found across the Old World and is easily recognized from its completely black body and white shield above its beak. Also known as Common Coots, these birds are bigger than White-breasted Waterhens but smaller than Purple Swamp Hens in appearance. Eurasian Coots are seen mainly on freshwater bodies and swamps in flocks ranging from just five to many with noisy calls. Some of the other birds that you might interested are listed out in this checklist!

Meaning of Scientific Name:

The Eurasian Coots are called Fulica atra which in Latin means “coot of black color” from Fulica meaning coot and atra meaning black, which describes the bird in appearance! Knowing the scientific name thus helps us remember the appearance or habits or habitats of birds in general and vice-verse!!

Common Name: Eurasian Coot                                             Scientific Name: Fulica atra

Local Names: Telugu:                                                                       Size: 33-38 cms

Global Status: Least Threatened

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. Black body (whitish underparts in juveniles)

2. Black eyes

3. White beak

4. White frontal shield

5. Whitish colored claws with slight webbing

Here are two pictures for your help!

Eurasian Coot

Eurasian Coot

Eurasian Coot flock

Eurasian Coot flock