Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)

The name Cattle Erget itself indicates that these birds have a close relationship with cattle, the insects disturbed by the cattle hooves are eaten by these birds. They are capable of maintaining a close proximity to humans and domesticated animals and their ability to adapt quickly to changes in surroundings, for example cattle being replaced by tractors, has enabled this species to expand very rapidly through vast expanse of globe.

Seen mostly in groups, these are very gregarious birds and can have been spotted to nest along with many other pairs on a single tree adjacent to a water body. The best way to identify them is by their closeness to grazing animals, white body and buff hair/ feathers in breeding season. For other birds seen in nearby places, visit this Checklist.

Common Name: Cattle Egret                                                                               Scientific Name: Bubulcus ibis

Local Names: Assamese:                                                                                        Size: 50-55 cms

Global Status: Least threatened                                                                          Campus Status: around 50

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. White body

2. Buff plumes extended from head to throat during breeding season

3. Yellow-orange colored thick bill

4. Greyish black legs

5. Yellow eyes


These pictures are here to help you!

Cattle Egret front view

Cattle Egret looking from front


Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret looking around

Cattle Egrets back view

Cattle Egrets from the back


Cattle Egrets flying

Cattle Egrets flight