Taiga Flycatcher (Ficedula albicilla)

Very small birds, almost completely hidden from eye sight because of the surroundings. These are mainly winter visitors, but surprisingly they are still seen inside the campus when most of the migratory birds have left. Have a constant short bursting sounds of trcht trcht, they are still grouped with Red-breasted Flycatcher as Red-throated Flycathers by many sources. Check this complete Checklist of Birds of IIT Guwahati and their pictures too.!!

Common Name: Taiga Flycatcher                     Scientific Name: Ficedula albicilla

Global Status: Least Threatned                         Campus Status: numbers > 50

Local Name:Assamese:                                      Size: ~ 10-12 cms

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. Orange throat with definite boundary.

2. Grey band surrounding the orange throat

3. Blackish bill

4. Black tail with white sides and underparts

5. Females look similar with no orange throat and grey band

Here are some pictures of these tiny little birds!

Taiga flycatcher

Taiga flycatcher

Taiga flycatcher

Taiga flycatcher

Taiga Flycatcher Area

Taiga Flycatcher Spotted Area

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